Teaching and Learning

Welcome To Seeros
Teaching and Learning. (In the moment planning).

At Seeros we believe children learn best through play and that children develop best through being given opportunities to explore their world whist acquiring and developing new skills.

As children are born with an innate natural desire to explore and learn our practitioner create enabling environments (both physical and emotional) as well as relationships and interactions that the children experience. We do this through providing high quality real experiences through the use of real equipment including DIY tools and household utensils as well as dressing up cloths. This we believe allows them to relate to the things they see the adults in their lives experience and do on a day to day bases.

At Seeros rather than planning ahead and making decisions for the children we remain ‘in the moment’ following the children’s lead as they explore and learn through their interest. As our practitioners build strong relationships with parents/ carers and the children they gain a sound understanding of the child’s interests and development enabling them to assist in enhancing and extending the learning at the appropriate level.

Seeros Daycare staff are fully ASC trained and also hold an award from Rochdale metropolitan council for being an “Autism Early Years Friendly Setting”, with their very own Early Years Autism Champion on Site.