Trafalgar Centre, Belfield Road, Rochdale OL16 2UX
Telephone: 01706 344201



At Seeros Day Care Nursery we believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life and support to fulfill their potential. The welfare, safety and protection of all the children in our care is paramount.


We aim:

  • To provide the highest quality of childcare possible.
  • To gain the respect, confidence and trust of all parents/carers.
  • To treat each child as an individual (free from any form of discrimination).
  • To treat all parents/carers with respect, courtesy and friendship.
  • To provide a fun, stimulating and exciting environment with supervised play.
  • To encourage children to be independent and provide freedom choice.
  • To work strongly in partnership with parents/carers and professionals within and outside the establishment.
  • To educate children in our care about the society and world we live in.


Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities are implemented throughout the nursery. We have members of staff working within the nursery from many different racial backgrounds. We also emphasise equal opportunities through activities, toys and resources within the nursery.


 At Seeros Day Care Nursery we understand and feel it is important that children from a very young age learn about race, culture, religion and languages.

Our Mission Statement

Seeros Daycare Nursery is committed to equality of opportunity and strongly opposes any form of discrimination towards all who visit the nursery.


The toys and equipment that we have within our nursery reflect a multi-cultural society and we make sure that all children have access to them ensuring a non-discriminatory/non-stereotypical establishment. We emphasise the teaching of respect to all.